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101 Secrets of Canadian Culture!

CONFUSED about the SOCIAL RULES in Canada? Can’t find them explained (Clearly & Honestly) ANYWHERE?

Newcomers need to understand the unwritten rules of Canadian culture – not just the happy, “Yay-Canada!” facts they can get from settlement websites – but the nitty-gritty details of how to succeed in schools, at work, and with neighbours and friends. I’m offering nuggets of truth about friendship, sex, marriage, divorce, working, emails, phone calls, and doing business in Canada. I also reveal the dark side of Canadian culture – racism, sexism, ageism, and even the clash between French-speaking and English-speaking Canadians.

I was born in Canada to an Anglo-Celtic father and a French-Canadian mother, so I've been exposed to both of the major cultural influences in Canada. During my more than 30 years of teaching English as a Second Language to newcomer adults, I've had to explain “Canadian” culture over and over again to immigrants suffering from culture shock. Over time, I realized that there was nowhere for newcomers to look to find these secrets clearly – and honestly – explained. At the request of my students, I decided to put what I consider the 101 most important secrets together in a book. But please keep in mind, these are MY OPINIONS - they do not reflect the values of everyone in Canada!


To make the book readable to people with a wide range of English comprehension, each Secret is written first in simple English, and then in more detail. At the request of my colleagues at work, I then wrote a companion Workbook, with classroom activities to go with each "secret".

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